Study says working mothers are more likely to have overweight children; Personal Chef offers solution


DATE:  August 13, 2004


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     According to the study Maternal Employment and Overweight Children (Anderson, Butcher, Levine, 2002) there is a direct correlation between mothers working outside of the home and the rise in overweight children.   The study states, “The rise in women working outside the home coincides with the rise in childhood weight problems […] further, parents who work outside the home may serve more high-calorie prepared or fast food, and unsupervised children may make poor nutritional choices when preparing their own after-school snacks”.   While mothers’ staying home is not an option anymore for most families, there is an alternative.  Hire a Personal Chef.


     Chef Diedra, from 350 Degrees Personal Chef Service, is offering nutritional meal and snack choices to Chicagoland families.  Chef Diedra handles every aspect of meal preparation, from menu planning, grocery shopping, to preparing your meals and storing them for easy access at mealtime. More importantly, the meals are a nutritious alternative to fast food and prefabricated frozen entrees; it is just like having mom at home without sacrificing the second income.  Meals are prepared using only the freshest ingredients, ensuring quality without additives, preservatives, and without the extra calories.   


     Chef Diedra has been in the kitchen for over twenty years. Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago her experiences started with her mother, aunts, and both grandmothers; her paternal grandmother is still a Personal Chef today.  Chef Diedra says, “My brothers and I were fortunate to have freshly made snacks and home cooked dinners almost everyday. Family gatherings were always filled with homemade creations”.  These fond memories were the beginnings of her love for great food. Chef Diedra studied culinary arts at the Illinois Institute of Art where she fine tuned her culinary skills and learned the value of good nutrition.  From there she worked in several restaurants in the Chicago area and did an internship at a well-known Northside pastry shop. Working in restaurants required many days of long hours, which was taking a nutritional toll on her three children.  Chef Diedra left the restaurant scene and started 350 Degrees Personal Chef Service.  This would allow her to continue her love of cooking, give her more time with her family, and pass delicious, healthy, fuss free nutrition on to other hard working mothers. 


    Chef Diedra offers a wide variety of cuisine with something for everyone, even children.  The American Heart Association’s website ( makes this statement about nutrition in children, “Adequate nutrition should be achieved by eating a variety of foods. Eat foods low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and total fat”.  Chef Diedra has delicious colorful recipes that appeal to children and adults using fresh vegetables & fruits, fresh fish, and lean cuts of meats. 


     350 Degrees takes the stress and guess work out of mealtime. “All meals are prepared fresh, and packaged for easy heating,” says Chef Diedra. “My clients appreciate coming home after a long day of work, peering into their refrigerator, and finding a delicious healthy meal right there waiting for them.  The fact they didn’t have to stop on the way home is a huge plus” Chef Diedra goes on to say, “Working mothers have enough to worry about so let me worry about what’s for dinner”. 


     350 Degrees offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks; lunches can be packaged to take to work or school.  Chef Diedra also caters small events, and dinner parties.  For more information, visit the website or call to schedule a free consultation:


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