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“Eat to Live but Dine to Feed your Soul”

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“Feeding the Soul with 350 Degrees”




About Chef Dee
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Diedra grew up learning basic skills in the kitchens of her mother, grandmothers and aunts.  A long line of women who pride themselves on creating fabulous meals for the family but also passing along the culinary talent  from generation to generation.

At a very young age Chef Dee was selling cakes and desserts for birthday parties, local church functions, showers, and graduations.  Not wanting to limit herself she obtained a vast collection of cookbooks and expanded her skills into main courses leading to full menu catering for small to medium size events.

Throughout her life Diedra had many jobs but never letting go of her passion for food and creating.  In 1999 she formalized her training at the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago (AI).  Under the prestigious chefs and educators her basic skills were fine tuned and enhanced and she developed knowledge of international and nutritional cuisine as well as the basics of wines and spirits. 

The extensive courses covered all aspects from kitchen to management and ownership all the makings of an Executive Chef.  Privileged to many demonstrations and classes from world renowned Chefs such as Lidia Bastianich, Master Chef Edward Leonard (former president of the American Culinary Federation just to name a few. 

During her time at AI, Diedra was a culinary student amabassador, teacher aide, co-founder and editor of the culinary student newspaper, apprenticed for the Culinary Olympic Team Trials which aired on the Food Network, as well as interned at the renowned Bittersweet Pastry Shop & Cafe on Chicago’s northside.

Chef Diedra has held many positions throughout her culinary career including Daycare Food Coordinator, Banquet Chef, Kitchen Manager, Chef at an upscale retirement community, Recipe Development and Testing for Barilla Pasta USA just to name a few.

350 Degrees Personal Chef Service was created to bring all of the skills, and training from the restaurant into your home kitchen to serve the needs of today’s family.

What Need?  The need to have nutritious fast food alternatives available and easy to prepare at home. We are a go go society but “Dining should be an experience not a chore”   but between work, family, and all the other strains on our time home cooked meals are thought of as a thing from the past.  NO LONGER!!  I offer an alternative.

I take my skills, training, passion, and love of quality food, package it up and bring it direct to your home.

The “What’s for Dinner” worry is out and in is precious time with family.  Let 350 Degrees be your Dinner Solution

“Eat to Live but Dine to Feed your Soul”


Giving Back

It is very important to give back to the community and throughout the year 350 Degrees participates in several charity events.  To see what we have going on visit EVENTS

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