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“Feeding the Soul with 350 Degrees”





Who needs a Personal Chef?

Busy families, busy individuals, college students, senior citizens, new moms anyone who is to busy or to tired to cook for themselves or dont know how but still enjoy dining at home and would like a wider variety that what is offered from delivery. Anyone who would enjoy a little more free time in their day.

Is a Personal Chef Expensive?

No, typically service is about what you pay for dining out at a mid level restaurant. Think about it, the time & gas spent going to a restaurant, the cost of the meal, time & gas to get home. What price would you pay to have a little more free time and a little less stress?

How often do I receive service?

Typical service is weekly or biweekly, we also do monthly service. Frequency of service is determined by how quickly you consume your meals or how often you prefer service.

What if I am not home during the time of my service?

It is not necessary to be home for cook day. An arrangement can be made to prepare the meals while you are out just like a housekeeper. All aspects of a client and clients household are kept private and confidential and a one time statement to that is signed to that effect. Personal also means Private.

I am diabetic can a Personal Chef work for me?

Of course, Diabetic friendly meals are definitely an option so are low salt, low calorie, high or low carb remember its “Personal” meaning catered to your needs. Chef Diedra can prepare meals for a variety of dietary restrictions

Are you insured?

  • 350 Degrees maintains liability insurance with the Hartford Insurance Company

How is the food prepared?

Chef Diedra is a certified food safe manager in the State of Illinois and by the National Restaurant Association. All meals are prepared according to Illinois Health Department and Safe Food Handling standards

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