DATE:  January 3, 2005                                                      

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Personal Chef helps you keep your resolution to eat healthier

Among the most common resolutions for the New Year is to eat healthier and lose weight.  While losing weight is a combination of diet and exercise, eating healthier is a resolution easy to keep with the assistance of a Personal Chef.  350 Degrees Personal Chef Service helps people with busy hectic schedules have a more regular, healthy, delicious dining routine.


Eating healthier seems easy enough by including more fresh vegetables, lower fat choices, and having regular meal times.  If you are a busy professional or a working parent whose meals consist of drive thru or high calorie prefabricated frozen dinners than a Personal Chef will change your life. After completing a detailed interview about lifestyle and preferences your Personal Chef will construct a menu to fit your personal needs. Is breakfast a coffee and donut?  Chef Diedra will provide delicious breakfast alternatives you can heat and eat on the go or heat at the office in a matter of minutes. Do you have lunch from the local greasy spoon? Chef Diedra’s alternative reach into your personal cooler and have a delicious soup, wrap, or salad made especially for you. Stop pulling through the drive through for dinner. Drive home to a balanced meal ready and waiting in your fridge. Chef Diedra can make all of this a reality and change your lifestyle for the healthier.  Chef Diedra states, “My clients continually thank me for making meal time healthier and less stressful.”            


Personal Chef Services can include lunch and inner; dinner only; or a full day of meals. A weekly service includes menu planning, meal preparation, and packaging. Meals are typically prepared in your home but new for 2005 is delivery.  Meals are still prepared fresh on the day of service but in our commercial kitchen and delivered to your home or office.  This gives even more choices for active clients. Regardless of in home preparation or delivery Personal Chef services does all the planning and preparation making eating healthier a walk to fridge.

Statistics say most resolutions are broken within the first two weeks of the New Year. How many days until you break your resolution? Contact Chef Diedra at 350 Degrees to schedule a no obligation consultation or for more information about Personal Chefs contact the American Personal Chef Association, United Personal Chef Association, or the Personal Chef Network.



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